Starting again for the 3rd time

It’s me again.

I’m back for the third time, as I said before, starting a blog is easy but maintaining it gets harder each and every day. I’ve been reading a couple of articles here at WordPress and some bloggers really inspired me to put my blog on again.

I’ve been looking for filipino bloggers here or at any other blog sites, if you do know any please let me know. Also, I’ve done changes in this site starting of with the title, the previous one is “Hey There Allysa” and now it’s “Simply Ally”. I deleted all of my previous blog posts too just because I don’t feel like putting them on again.

I wanted to make new posts and this time it will be more organized. (I guess?)

Aside from being inspired, I wanted to push through with this because I’m a student again. Back in the summer, I didn’t really have much time to write about things and it’s just that we go out really often. Now, I think would be the perfect time to start because I have a really nice schedule. Our dismissal time is a whole lot early than the previous schedule and that means, I can write more!

I feel so sorry for everyone and for not hearing from me for a couple of months, since I started. Also, I’m sorry if I went on and off already. I just really wish I could keep it going this time.

See you on my next blog!

Simply Ally


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