Going to Baguio for the 2nd Time!

Hi there!

So, for today’s blog it will be a short story time haha. Lately, I’ve been busy because it’s our exam week and actually I’ve been planning to post on updates but then…

I’ve been selected to represent our school on a National Science Quiz Bee. 😲 Well, it’s really surprising and a bit unexpected because I never thought I would make it. Anyway, APPSAM or the Association of Philippine Private School Administrators and Mentors hosts the 3-day, National Youth Leadership Assembly and Talent Fair it will be held in Baguio. Under this assembly are academic contests like Math, Science, Spelling, and General Information. Some other contests are Extemporaneous Speech, Poetry Writing, Essay Writing, Speech Choir and Poster Making. Lastly and the most awaited part of the event, is the Search for Mr. and Ms. APPSAM Personality.

Last year, I joined the event as well. I was one of the representatives for the Speech Choir in which we won at 2nd place. This year, I guess it will be different. I missed the cold weather, the strawberry taho and just the whole trip. It’s such an amazing experience and it’s surely a great way to have new friends and be closer to your schoolmates.

I’ll definitely write about the whole experience as soon as I got home. (But, I’m still going to write about it in our school paper.)

It’s only 6 days away from now. I’m so excited!

Simply Ally


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