Being a News Section Editor 101

Hi there!

Last blog post was all about the major event I look forward to, but prior to that. I received another… I don’t know what to call it. Uhm, responsibility? task? designation? Whatever. So, as stated in the title. I became the new News Section Editor. (That sounded cute.) Anyway, I don’t know what to say. I think it’s actually a very BIG responsibility and I expect that it will be a lot of stress.

I have eleven writers under my section and three of them are older than me. I met all of them at our General Membership Meeting, and maybe it’ll be a lot more easier because I have them and they got me. I’ve felt the connection between us and having that one goal of making our section better.

Being the only Grade 11 student in the Board of Section Editors wasn’t easy. I asked the previous News Section Editor for some tips and it helped me a lot (Hey ate Jly! Thank you so much x.) I also prepared guidelines for my writers which I also wanted to share with you in another post.

Simply Ally


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