If you really wanted to change, there’s a lot you need to sacrifice but it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Today, I uninstalled or deleted a lot of apps and games that ate most of my free time when I should be doing sonething more productive. My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account are all inactive and I guess I won’t see them for a while.

This is more than just managing my time but instead, I really want to take this opportunity to know Heavenly Father more dearly. I also wanted to save myself from all the harmful things brought by all these apps.

I also quitted playing games I really loved like Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and Mobile Legends. It’s just pretty contradicting to me when I say that I wanted to have spiritual growth when in fact I’m still surrounded by earthly joy and pleasures.

Today is the day I recognize the blessings the Lord has showered upon me. Today is the day I’m ready to lose it all. Just for the sake of recognizing and keeping God’s presence in my life.

I’ll start by doing these small things that will make very big differences in my life as I go.




Last Sunday, our family went to Church together. We were a little bit late. We came in during the first worship song. When it shifted to a slower, more solemn song, it struck me.

Spirit fall, open up heaven’s door

We’re waiting with worship for more

You’re the only love that satisfies me

Maybe that’s reason why I still feel empty despite having so many blessings in life. Sometimes, I feel lost and I know I shouldn’t feel that way.

It’s because I am not with God. The things I do are for myself, and not for him. I was way too busy with improving myself not knowing that I am slowly parting away from our Heavenly Father.

Today, I decided to act upon the prompting that happened yesterday. I downloaded the app called “She Reads Truth”. I’ve used it today and it makes me want to know God more and be closer to Him with the help of the Bible. It’s a really good app because it helps me to keep reading the Bible wherever I go. The lessons are also easy to understand with their real-life situations and examples. I am really inspired and motivated to continue doing this until I regain my faith.

ps. I can drive now and I got a haircut 💖



Yesterday, I enrolled for 10 hr manual driving lessons in the same school as every driver in our family. This is going to be my grandparents’ gift for my 18th birthday this coming September.

I feel really excited about all the driving stuff and getting myself a student permit. So, last night I went to bed early.

Earlier this morning, my dad taught me the basics and I drove the car on 1st gear. It isn’t that bad… Yet? Hahahaha.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the day.

Also, yesterday was great because Cavs is back in the finals! #WhatevetItTakes


51718: FRIENDS

It’s been a long while since I’ve written a thing. But today, I wanted to share something we all have our own experiences with. Today, let’s talk about friendship.

Yesterday, I went out with one of the coolest people ever. We all became friends at school. So, our boss (Kuya Jai) gave the student council presidency a shot. Well, it’s not as easy as I may seem to say it but yeah. We became his campaign managers but we call ourselves the Independent Squad. This is because he didn’t have any running mate and a party. But he won!

And yesterday was our only chance to celebrate it.


This blog post is dedicated to my mom. I don’t know if any of you can relate to this, but I wanted to share my relationship with my mom which is one of the greatest blessings I ever had and I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

So, all my life she stood there with me. When I was a kid, I fell down our sofa and I had a fracture on my right hand. She took care of me, and helped me get through with it. She’s really selfless. Besides taking care of me, she is also doing the same for my little brother which is still a baby that time.

This picture was taken during their wedding day. Plus, don’t get me wrong I have a father and we’re all living a happy life together. He just works abroad that’s why we only see each other after a few months. But still, the love between them two, never did fade.

My mom is very supportive to where my heart points at and I guess that’s what some mother-daughter relationship needs the most. Because I believe no one can support me like my mom does. She went through everything I talk about. I’ve liked K-pop, playing guitar, make-up, food and Ed Sheeran. You name it. She got me.

I also wanted to thank her, ’cause she did all of that. I love her so much and I’m proud of her. Happy Mother’s Day!

51018: LAZY ALLY

I didn’t do much today. I am still regaining my energy from yesterday’s happenings.

I woke up to the movie playing on our telly, it’s “Ngayong Nandito Ka” starring Jericho Rosales and Christine Hermosa. It’s my old-but-gold kind of movie. I love everything about it. It makes me want to fall in love all over again.

Afterwards, I did some household chores but what took most of my time is to groom our dog, Zappy.

He is a cross-breed of Labrador and Golden Retriever. He looks so posh here tho. He’s already 1 year and 10 months. He is the very first dog we ever had.

Today is simple but still, it makes me want to write.


51018: JGH

This day is so exhausting. We just got home from Cavite. My body clock is going crazy and the whole house is a mess. Right now, everyone’s sleeping (including the dogs). I just wanted to update y’all on this memorable trip.

Hopefully, next week I’ll be having my driving lessons.