51718: FRIENDS

It’s been a long while since I’ve written a thing. But today, I wanted to share something we all have our own experiences with. Today, let’s talk about friendship.

Yesterday, I went out with one of the coolest people ever. We all became friends at school. So, our boss (Kuya Jai) gave the student council presidency a shot. Well, it’s not as easy as I may seem to say it but yeah. We became his campaign managers but we call ourselves the Independent Squad. This is because he didn’t have any running mate and a party. But he won!

And yesterday was our only chance to celebrate it.


5918: RAPID

Ten years ago, I was probably around seven years old. My world revolves around my family, toys, Disney princesses and few friends. I didn’t care much about everything and the world seemed to be such a happy place. It’s nice to remember those moments. How I wish I never grew up.

Five years later, education is my priority. I learned how to set goals. I aim for each of them. Sometimes, I make it. Sometimes, I don’t, and when this happens, I feel like such a big disappointment. I pressure myself too much to the point that I can’t handle it anymore. I realized that the world is a cruel place.

Today, I am real different from who I was back then. I learned how to play the game, and I believe I’m doing pretty well. It’s funny how we rapidly change, without even noticing it.

We just realize it when we lose everything we once had. I wish I can still find joy in the little things. I wish to have the determination to fulfill all my goals. I wish to be the person I wanted to be.

Rapid. This is what rapid is for me.